Planter Program


To keep your business blooming throughout each season!

What is our 4 Season Business Planter Program?

This program is designed to keep local businesses in color with fresh material year-round. Whether your business has one or many large outdoor planters, we will fill the planters 4 times each year, at the appropriate time for each season. Each flower arrangement will be low-maintenance and catered to your amount of sunlight.

Seasonal examples:

Spring (Late April – Early May): Cold tolerant blooming flowers such as Pansies and Columbine.

Summer (Early June): A mix of low-maintenance, heat-loving flowers and foliage.

Fall (August – September): Cold tolerant fall flowers such as snapdragons, ornamental kale, ornamental grasses, and mums.

Winter (Mid-November): A mix of fresh-cut ever-greens with décor such as pine cones, bows, and ornaments. 

How does this work?

To ensure that you are never without a full planter, we will provide TWO plastic liners for each container. In order to do so, we will need to visit your business ahead of time to get exact measurements of your planters. By having these liners, we will be able to fill any container, regardless of weight or material, and we won’t have to haul it back and forth!

Once we find liners that fit nicely, we will fill the first liner and deliver it to your business for that season.  When the second seasonal arrangement is ready to be placed, we will deliver that liner and swap it out for the first! For example, when we deliver the spring planter, we will take the winter liner back with us.

By having two liners per container, you will not have to wait for the previous arrangement to be composted and replanted – they will switch places in only a matter of minutes! Other than watering your planters as instructed, our program will allow you to sit back and enjoy the seasonal colors without any hard work!

Would this work for you?

There are several factors to consider…

We are able to deliver to Leelanau County and Traverse City area businesses only.

In order to keep things running smoothly, we will not be taking many “suggestions”.

We will not customize arrangements, other than possibly a color theme in the Summer, Fall, and Winter (there are limited spring colors).

We will deliver arrangements as soon as appropriate for the season, meaning, we will not be delivering arrangements before the weather is safe for the plants – this means that dates may vary year to year.

What does this cost?

The cost of this program will depend on where you are located (delivery fee) and the quantity and size of the containers we will be filling. To start off, we will require a payment of $50 to visit your location, which will go towards the liners we order for you. During this visit, we will measure the container/s and determine your light exposure. As soon as we have the needed measurements, we will find the right liners for your container/s.

Again, the price of the liners after the $50 deposit will depend on quantity and measurements. Once we know the size of your liners, we will be able to determine the price of each container per season. Prices will start at $100 per container each season. We will keep this price consistent across each season. Delivery will be $30-$50 per season depending on your location.

Think this would work for you? Apply Now!

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