House Plants

PlantMasters is the largest source for Houseplants in Northern Michigan, year ’round!!Tropical plants add oxygen to the air that help remove toxins. Keeping houseplants not only adds to your decor, but also improves the environment inside your house.

  • Even during the dead of winter, houseplants can put a little spring into your home and help lift your mood.
  • During the summer, houseplants can transform your outdoor living space into a wonderful oasis.
  • Most houseplants prefer low or indirect light and will live outside where an impatiens wouldn’t have enough light to bloom.
  • Let your imagination run wild, mixed containers of houseplants create countless possibilities to add a tropical feel to that shady corner on your deck or under tree.
  • Add flare to that sunny area in your yard or on your deck with a blooming Hibiscus.
  • Then, in the fall, before frost, bring your houseplants in to enjoy until next spring.


Here is a list of some of our favorites and there attributes:

  • Peace Lily (Clean Air Plant)(Low Light) (Durable)
  • Neathebella Palm (Low Light)
  • Snake Plant (Clean Air Plant) (Low Light) (Durable)
  • Rattlesnake Plant (Low Light)
  • Ferns (Clean Air Plant) (Low Light)
  • Pothos (Clean Air Plant) (Low Light) (Durable)
  • Colocasia (Low Light)
  • Anthurium (Low Light) (Durable)
  • Ivys (Clean Air Plant) (Low Light) (Durable)
  • Caladium (Low Light)
  • Philodendren (Clean Air Plant) (Low Light) (Durable)
  • Prayer Plant (Clean Air Plant) (Low Light)
  • Dieffenbachia (Low Light) (Durable)
  • Orchids (Low Light) (Clean Air Plant)
  • Spider Plant (Low Light)
  • Dracaena (Clean Air Plant) (Durable)
  • Ficus (Clean Air Plant) (Durable)
  • Schefflera (Clean Air Plant) (Durable)
  • Croton (Clean Air Plant) (Durable)
  • Aloe (Clean Air Plant) (Durable)
  • Kalanchoe (Clean Air Plant)
  • Asparagus Fern (Durable)
  • Cactus (Durable)
  • Crown of Thorns (Durable)
  • Hoya(Durable)
  • Lipstick Vine (Durable)
  • Jade (Durable)
  • Peperomia (Durable)
  • Sago Palm (Durable)
  • Succulents (Durable)
  • Wandering Jew (Durable)
  • ZZ Plant (Durable)
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