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A lot of people ask us, “What’s your secret?” I can’t say we don’t have a few old family secrets up our sleeves, but I can tell you that a lot of our success comes from experience and from the high quality products we use to produce our plants.

Here are our FAVORITES: 

Jack’s Classic Water Soluble Fertilizer ®

jacksCommercial Quality Fertilizer available for your home.

The family at JR PETERS INC. has made available a complete line of the most soluble fertilizer products for the true hobbies home growers. We offer a full line of fertilizer formulas made with the exact same quality raw materials that we design for the professional greenhouse grower in many different sizes and packages to fit our home grower professional’s needs.

This includes all of the standard formulations that gardeners have come to trust over the years. We have also developed several new innovative fertilizer formulas for your home that address nutritional issues with today’s more popular plants.

Professional Grower’s trust Jack’s – you should too!

You’ll notice we don’t carry any Miracle Grow products. To the average gardener this seems strange, that’s the brand everyone knows. In comparison, everyone in America has eaten at Mc Donald’s but that doesn’t mean it’s the best hamburger place. Miracle Grow lacks the basic micro-nutrients that plants need. Instead, we carry and USE, JR Peters- Jacks’ Classic. Jacks’ is the old Peters brand that our grandparents used for decades. We’ve done experiments and the difference is amazing. Not only do we swear by it but we have customers that won’t use anything else. This is what we recommend for all your container plants. 

About Baccto

BACCTO brand premium soils, peat moss, and commercial grower products are the direct result of our dedication to providing exceptional formulations that contribute to growing the kind of healthy, viable plants you expect. Because our soils contain premium peat from our own sphagnum peat bog in Michigan, you’re assured that all BACCTO products provide the optimal growing environment.

Professional Planting Mix

Our most popular blend, this pre-moistened planting mix is formulated to enhance the growth of bedding and potted crops in flats, pots, and hanging baskets.


Mix characteristics include:

    • pH-stable horticutural sphagnum peat and perlite
    • Lime addition for high-capacity buffering
    • A balanced blend of major and minor elements and wetting agent
    • Excellent air porosity and high moisture reserve
    • “Grower friendly” composition that’s easy to handle
    • Outstanding “shelf life” after leaving the greenhouse

(Available in 2 cu. ft. loose-filled bags, 60 cu. ft. bulk bags and prefilled flats)

Recommended Applications:

Bedding plants, Potted plants, Foliage crops, Hanging baskets, Nursery crops, Seedling starting, Filling planters and window boxes, Repotting plants, Ground and raised beds, Rooting cuttings 


  • Pre-moistened sphagnum peat, Coarse perlite, Dolomitic limestone, Balanced blend of major and minor elements, Wetting agent

Features and Benefits:

  • Nutrient and pH Buffering are optimized in this blend. Nutrients are less likely to leach out the bottom of the container with the high nutrient exchange capabilities. Constant liquid feeding is desirable; however, due to the excellent nutrient buffering, this blend will require less feeding than most. Monitoring soluble salts is always recommended writing paper in any medium.
  • Pre-Moistened Sphagnum Peat provides easy watering and transplanting. Wetting agents are added to provide rapid remoistening, in case it gets excessively dry.
  • Air Porosity and Drainage are balanced in the mix. This allows thorough watering without the problem of a perched water table and waterlogged roots. Moisture is easy to manage in BACCTO Professional Planting Mix. This formulation can be successfully used with most crops.
  • Water Holding is optimal in this blend. Select quality sphagnum peat is neither too wet nor too dry after a thorough watering. Wetting agents help to provide ease of watering.
  • Light Weight is an advantage of peat-lite blends when shipping the finished crop. It allows for easy handling of the pots and containers in the greenhouse.
  • Easy Handling is one of the best characteristics of this blend. The light weight and fluffy texture make this material easy to handle and desirable to plant into. It is neither sticky nor granular, and will hold its texture throughout the life of the crop.
  • Low Run-Off of fertilizers and pesticides is a feature of this mix. It has a high Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C.) that holds the nutrients in the root-zone for plant use. Less fertilizer could be needed by the crops, which would also reduce run-off. 
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